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Clickbank Mall - Does It Still Works?

Or It's Just a Waste of Time?

It is definitely not something new. The pioneer, I believe is Jeff Muligan with his infamous CBmall. In fact, I bought the gold package back in the mid 2005 for USD 97. But it's free now. Just go here to sign up for free if you want to give a try.

Well, the idea behind Clickbank mall is great. Imagine making up to 75% commission and owning a mall with more than 20,000 products that are being updated automatically without the need to have your own hosting or carry any inventory whatsoever. It was so appealing and sound too good to be true.

Not long after CBmall launches, there are many more similar malls mushrooming with the same concept. Basically, all of them having the more or less similar feature. It's just a script that pulls information from the Clickbank marketplace and replacing all links within with your unique Clickbank hop link.

Here are some of the many Clickbank malls:

CBmall by Jeff Mulligan which I believe to be the person who made popular the idea of a mall for affiliate marketer. Basically, you'll be a given a unique link with where all products within will be automatically encrypted with your hop link. You will have very little control on what is display on the mall except top banner and footer that you can customize with your other links to show on the mall.



1stPromotion by Rick Davies. This one offers you slightly more flexibility as what you can do with your mall. Basically, the mall is display in an directory format surrounded by other banners and content that you can add to your mall on the left and right panel. 


1st promotion


Then, there come the new age Clickbank mall.

CBDeluxe by Richard Madison. Why did I say new age? Well, this one comes with website thumbnails. Everybody knows that image is important. It attacts visitors and keep them on the site rather than a site with just all letters and words.



And CBProAds that also allows you to create Adsense like Clickbank products ads that you can easily integrate into your own website.



Now, we have come to the most important question again. Clickbank mall, does it still works? Regret to say that it is not a profitable business venture! "What?! You made me read this damn whole post and telling me how great Clickbank mall is and now you say, they don't work!!"

Yo, take it easy man. But seriously, they are not as great as you think despite that the fact that it's true that:

  • You don't need to host your mall (no website required)
  • You can sell thousand of products in your mall that you don't even need to maintain (they are being updated automatically)
  • You can make up to 75% commission with products on your mall
  • And no monthly fee, no hosting fee, no maintenance, no inventory and no phone calls

So, what is the problem with these mall? If you say "TRAFFIC", well all sites need traffic. Without traffic (or visitors), nobody will make anything. Agree? So, traffic is not the main issue that causes 99% of these Clickbank mall owner failed. So, what is the reason?

Check out this directory listing..


Do you see what's the problem? Yes, that's right. They are not user friendly. Imagine a visitor come to your mall to buy something related to internet marketing and suddently see that they can actually make 75% commission by being affiliate themselves, do you think you will still make your affiliate commission? Most likely not.

There happen to be a good mall CBTopSites by Kareti Ramakrishna which solve this problem and it also comes with website thumbnails. The description is edited with his own team so that it will not show any affiliate revenue but with SEO friendly description of the site being displayed. However, as I check it recently, seem like that is not the case. The same happen to his site too. Ugly affiliate promotion pop up everywhere.


It's basically a call to action to your mall visitors that they should become an affiliate and make the commission or save from the commision earn by being an affiliate themselves. Does this make sense to you? In other words, unless the item description do not show any affiliate opportunity to visitors, Clickbank mall will NEVER WORK, and will NEVER MAKE YOU MONEY.

So, is there any Clickbank mall that offer this? The good news is yes. There's a wonderful Clickbank mall where you can actually benefited from the SEO traffic as well because you can edit all item description anyway you like. Check out on of the wonderful feature that guarantee you with better conversion on your mall:


There are many more wonderful and powerful feature that CBFront has to offer. But I think you can read the rest from the sales page here or just click on the image below for more information.

clickbank mall




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